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Aramat & Associates Inc. features Pipeliner CRM to help customers organize and make sense of their opportunities. Pipeliner is the first CRM that's a complete selling system that allows you to manage key activities within each sales stage needed to move sales opportunities forward. We help you manage your sales process from lead to close to loyal customer.
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New Sales Activities accompany each Sales Step to motivate sales teams to take the right action at the right time. Pipeliner CRM enables mapping of the organizations you sell into, Visualizing the players and roles involved.
Pipeliner CRM seamlessly syncs with your mail calendars and provides an advanced system for tracking activities such as reminders, follow-ups and tasks!

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Define milestones within your sales process to reduce risk and increase predictability. Perform quota measurement on demand, across 5 Target (Weighted, Ranked, Balanced, Unweighted and Real) dimensions. 
ACRM enables social mapping, profiling, interacting, and
monitoring all from directly within the Feeds section of the